Tuscany Vegetable Tanned Leather

Axess is handmade in Tuscany vegetable tanned leather

The vegetable tanned leather used in Axess Front Wallets models is hand tanned in Tuscany, Italy following strict standards and use traditional tanning methods in their production of some of the world’s finest vegetable tanned leather. In addition to the rich vegetable tanned leather, Axess Wallets also come in a Saffiano variation, which is an elegant surface treated leather that is both striking and scratch proof.

Vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany

In the Tuscan Leather District vegetable-tanned leather is still produced following the traditional methods; turning raw hides into durable leather takes time and patience, and the skillful combination of technology and experience. Tannage using vegetable extracts gives the leather a rich and natural characteristic. The final finishing is then exclusively made with neutral waxes and oils to further highlight the full grain of the leather. This method has been used for thousands of years to create beautiful leather out of animal hides and most importantly, does not use any harmful chemicals in the tanning process.

A snapshot from inside the tannery in Tuscany that we use at Axess.

This process and the resulting rich, earthy look is unique to vegetable tanned leather, and the reason it is such an exciting material for a wallet. It also makes the leather last longer, as the leather will never crack or dry up, but rather mature and develop a patina, facilitating leather products that actually gets better with age. Some other benefits of Vegetable tanned leather as opposed to cheaper mainstream leather are:

• Colors and textures of vegetable tanned leather look more natural and organic.

• The leather is free from chemicals common in most other tanning processes.

• The texture is irregular and handmade and allows for a unique and genuine aesthetic.

• Vegetable tanned leather has high durability and strength, even more so than most synthetic materials.

• Vegetable tanned leather can last you an entire lifetime and is bio-degradable when it ceases to be used or maintained.

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Tuscany in Italy

The leather district in Tuscany is famous for its natural vegetable tanned leather. Some of the world's most famous leather accessory brands such as Gucci, Armani, and Prada is made here.

Tuscany Vegetable Tanned Leather

The leather is made by hand with the passion of a few master tanners located in Tuscany using techniques and traditions hailing from the Renaissance, which means that there are no harmful chemicals used in the tanning process.

Italy is one of the leading countries in the world market of leather wear, and within Italy, Tuscany is the crown jewel of leather working, with its ancient leather working tradition and great experience in the production of high quality vegetable tanned leather leather. It is thus not a coincidence that the leather goods of the world’s most famous leather accessory brands like Gucci, Armani, and Prada is made in Tuscany – that is the quality you get with Axess. Vegetable tanning is thus more time consuming than other types of leather tanning (such as chrome based tanning), but the result is a much richer patina developed with no use of harmful chemicals.

Another photo from inside our Tuscany tannery. It takes the Italian tanner a full month to produce one skin. The leather will age and develop a unique patina as you use the wallet. Read more about our front pocket wallets.

Saffiano leather 

Saffiano leather, which is a type of textured genuine leather common in modern day luxury accessories originally developed by Prada in 1913. The Saffiano gives the wallet a cross hatch finish which not only looks exclusive but also makes the wallet scratch resistant and durable. In addition, the treated wax finish also gives this Saffiano wallet water resistant properties.


Saffiano Wallets

An example of Axess Saffiano Wallets, a textured genuine leather with a cross hatch finish. The robust, scratch proof surface makes for an excellent wallet material.


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