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Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets designed in Sweden

Cheap leather that doesn’t develops a patina, wallets designed in old-fashioned curved shapes, wallets with magnetic flaps and billfolds that claim to be front pocket wallets currently dominate the front pocket wallet market.

How is Axess different?

Following strict reductionist ideas, Axess has scrapped those features typical for modern front pocket wallets such as money clips and curved shapes and stuck to the fundamentals. Axess is basically a wallet cut the in in half - because you don’t need more! Great design removes redundancies and for a normal person the extra thickness and weight off a billfold is completely redundant, especially as we are moving towards a cash-free society where you carry less and less, and more so because sitting on your wallet is both uncomfortable and outright unhealthy.


Axess has gotten rid of all excess like magnetic flaps and curved shapes and replaced cheap leather with genuine Tuscany leather that gets richer with use. The result is a superior front pocket wallet that never fades into the background.

Inspired by Scandinavian design

Sweden is commonly regarded as embodying all that is great about Scandinavian design with its minimalist ideas of using clean, simple lines and a strong emphasis on functionality and that was also the heritage from which Axess originated from. Known as democratic design, Swedish design philosophy at its core produces products that are beautiful, accessible, and affordable.

leather front pocket wallet

All wallets are designed to fit seamlessly in your front pocket so that you don't have to ruin your denim silhouette. Hence, every single model is half the size of a regular wallet, yet performs all the functions of a full size billfold.

handmade front pocket wallet

Axess is passionately handmade

Another philosophy emphasized in all of Axess production is the human aspect of the products. In today's globalized world of mass production, the people and the craftsmanship involved in the products are often forgotten or replaced by machines, but not in Axess products. Thus, every component of the wallets is handmade, hand-cut and hand-sewn, allowing for a type of quality rare in modern day accessories.

Each wallet is passionately made by hand, using methods of hand cutting with special cutting tools – all credit card slots and edges are also cut by hand to ensure perfection. The lining consists of carefully selected eco-friendly cotton fabrics, and each wallet is separately stitched with durable Polyester/Cotton Core spun Thread, using precision machines to ensure a tight and strong stitching. Each piece is also individually embossed and inspected in person by the manufacturer to ensure that each wallet is delivered in a pristine state.

Axess Vegetable Tanned Leather front pocket wallet

Axess is expertly handmade by seasoned professionals using the Tuscany vegetable tanned leather, resulting in beautiful quality front pocket wallets.

Great design thrives within narrow constraints and the Axess philosophy is that  the more you are able to successfully reduce, the better the product and the more purer and more beautiful it will be. Axess will always be stylish front pocket wallets that fit seamlessly in your front pocket. That is the constraint I am working under. Following the method of subtraction – you look at something and ask ‘what can I reduce’. If you keep asking that question you will arrive at clean, simple designs that are user friendly and graceful.


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