vegetable tanned leather front pocket wallets

A wallet that ages like a fine wine and becomes uniquely yours

Tuscany vegetable tanned leather is a natural product that matures with time and use. Axess front pocket wallets will transform in front of your eyes and grow richer and softer as it develops a rich and deeply textured patina. This applies equally to all of Axess vegetable tanned colors and is the main difference between Tuscany Vegetable tanned leather and other cheaper leather. 

How Does a leather Patina Develop in the first place?

Vegetable tanned leather absorbs the traces of life around it, whether it be contact with the sun, oils from our skin, moisture, dust, heat or simply friction from the wallet laying in your pocket, and usage of cards, coins and bills. The patina develops gradually as it comes into contact with all of these aspects, it might develop a sheen in some places – while some spots may see a relative darkening. In other words, the more you use it, the quicker the wallet will develop its rich patina.

• A rich patina is the hallmark of a high quality, genuine leather product.

• Other types of leather, such as finished leather, patent leather and cheaper chrome-dyed leather will hardly ever develop one.

• A patina does not affect the longevity of a wallet, rather it only increases the beauty, the value and the feel of the product.

• Developing it takes time, as all good things do.


Axess Wallets gets better with age

This process and the resulting look is a unique aspect to vegetable tanned leather, and the reason it is such an exciting material for a wallet, which experiences daily wear and tear. It also makes the wallet last longer, as the leather will never crack or dry up, but rather mature and develop a patina. Axess Wallets actually gets better with age. And of all the vegetable tanned leather in the world, Axess only uses vegetable tanned leather from the renowned leather district of Tuscany, which treats the leather with such care that the result is a remarkable patina.

All of Axess Wallets vegetable tanned leather is proudly sourced from Tuscany in Italy. 

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genuine leather front pocket wallets

Axess rich Tuscany leather gently darkens and softens over time. The left model is new, and the right model is the result of 2 years of use; it wears the mark of its owner over time. Parts of it has developed a sheen, while other parts have darkened.  

Vegetable tanned leather VS Chrome tanned leather

The most common leather in the world is chrome tanned leather, which is a mass produced leather produced using chromium salts and chemicals. A batch of chrome tanned leather takes mere days to produce. Vegetable tanned leather on the other hand utilizes tannic acids naturally existing in plant species, and is thus produced without the use of harmful chemicals. It takes a month or more to produce a single skin, and has a natural earthy smell in stark contrast to the chrome tanned leather's permanent chemical smell. 

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Some of the benefits of Vegetable tanned leather as opposed to cheaper mainstream leather such as Chrome tanned leather are:

• Colors and textures of vegetable tanned leather look more natural and organic.

• The leather is free from chemicals common in most other tanning processes.

• The texture is irregular and handmade and allows for a unique and genuine aesthetic.

• Vegetable tanned leather has high durability and strength, even more so than most synthetic materials.

• Vegetable tanned leather can last you an entire lifetime and is bio-degradable when it ceases to be used or maintained.

The alchemy of Axess

No two pieces of Tuscany Vegetable tanned leather are alike, and no two pieces will age the same way. This rich darkening is a look and effect money cannot buy; only time and use can bring it out. Thus the lifestyle of the owner is displayed in the patina of the wallet; the darker the patina, the richer the story. The wallet you first get will transform in front of your eyes. That is the alchemy of Axess.

Vegetable tanned leather lasts longer and comes with a more natural, organic look and smell than most counterparts.


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