Axess Wallets have a range of minimalist wallets - which is the best minimalist wallet? 

Our best minimalist wallet; well at least the most sold model, is the one appropriately named the Minimalist wallet.

The wallet has 3 card slots on each side and a larger RFID blocking pocket on each side. It is open on two sides, which facilitates easy access to bills, yet it still remains slim & thin. Many customers would argue that this is the best minimalist wallet. Check it out.

Best minimalist wallet #2

If you are looking for a more unique model, in your search for the best minimalist wallet, check out our thin wallet.

This wallet has a tight cash strap, a quick draw wallet with a triangle easy access slot, and a lot of space in several places for additional cards. The main inner pocket is RFID blocking. Check it out.

The best minimalist wallet #3

Our best minimalist wallet - technically speaking is the card wallet. In terms of dimensions, this is our smallest wallet. 

The wallet has two card slots on each sides as well as an RFID blocking inner pocket. It is primarily designed to hold cards and not bills.

Check out all our wallets to find your favorite in your search for the best minimalist wallet.