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Nested below the hillsides of San Miniato in Tuscany lies a cluster of tanneries, that are using traditional tanning methods to create some of the world’s finest vegetable tanned leather. Our visit goes to one of the oldest tanneries in Tuscany, a family owned tannery which opened in 1955. They deliver leather to very well known Italian luxury brands, and has since Axess Wallets' conception been our supplier of vegetable tanned leather for all our wallets.  A picture of yours truly checking out new colors together with the owner of the tannery to the far left. This particular visit led...
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Minimalist Wallets and the trend towards carrying less We are carrying less and less in our wallets because of trends such as moving towards a cash-free society, and the wallet designs are changing because of it. A quick search on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter generates over 1000+ results for “wallet” and most of them are minimalist wallets, promising benefits such as thin, slim, less bulk, etc. Are we ready to dump our old bifolds and carry less? And what consequences does it have to remove cash in society?  Minimalist Wallets are hot, cash is not Let’s face it: cash is on...
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How to instantly reduce lower back pain: Switch to a minimalist front pocket wallet Here’s some jaw-dropping statistics: 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at any given time according to the American chiropractic association and worldwide, 84% of people will experience lower back pain in their lifetime. A common cause for lower back-pain which is typically overlooked is the filing cabinet-size wallet the average American spends over 9 hours a day sitting on. Much has already been said about the dangers of sitting down for prolonged periods of time yet your the wallet in your back pocket is another health concern...
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Vegetable Tanned Leather VS Chrome Tanned Leather What type of leather tanning process is used by your favorite brands might seem like an esoteric and neglectable part your shopping process, and that is also why most brands uses the cheapest and not surprisingly most toxic method of leather tanning available: namely chrome tanning. Why is this method so unsustainable and how does it actually compare to the natural method of vegetable tanning? Let's dive in and find out! What exactly is tanning? First things first, let’s talk about leather tanning itself, which is in its essence, transforming animal skins into actual leather. The...
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13 Reasons to use a minimalist front pocket wallet 1. Your lower back will thank you It's not a big mystery - that lumpy back pocket wallet you are sitting on is actually a huge health hazard for your long term back health! The nerves exiting the lower back control and coordinate some of the largest and strongest muscles in the body — legs, buttock, core, and back. Putting pressure on them for hours at a time by sitting on your wallet can cause an avalanche of body mechanic problems; one of the most common ailments is called sciatica. “Sitting on your...
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