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13 Reasons to use a minimalist front pocket wallet 1. Your lower back will thank you It's not a big mystery - that lumpy back pocket wallet you are sitting on is actually a huge health hazard for your long term back health! The nerves exiting the lower back control and coordinate some of the largest and strongest muscles in the body — legs, buttock, core, and back. Putting pressure on them for hours at a time by sitting on your wallet can cause an avalanche of body mechanic problems; one of the most common ailments is called sciatica. “Sitting on your...
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How to declutter your wallet in four easy steps Society seems to be hell bent towards making us accumulate more and more stuff, and a lot of it ends up cluttering our wallets. Membership & discount cards, coupons, receipts, business cards, and multiple credit cards does not only create unnecessary bulk, but also creates a great security concern in case your wallet is lost or stolen. The good news is that there are some neat and easy ways to declutter your and rid yourself of the cards you didn’t think you could be without! Why declutter your wallet? Decluttering your wallet...
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