Looking for a wallet card holder?

Well that happens to be Axess Wallet's speciality. We were founded in 2015 with the purpose to make high quality wallet card holders that doesn't protrude in your pocket. I myself like to have my wallet in my front pocket, and it can't be a billfold either because that creates MAD bulk. So our wallets are a mix between wallets and card holders. Check out our best seller for instance, it is a wallet card holder mix basically - fits bills, cards, just like a regular billfold but at half its size!

Buy it here.

Other wallet card holders are our ID wallet - it is slightly smaller than the wallet card holder you see above, and it has a special pocket for an ID card.

Buy it here.

For a wallet card holder that is acually a straight up card holder, check out our card wallet.

Check that out here.

Finally, we have a straight up mix between a wallet and a card holder, making this perhaps the best candidate to be called a wallet card holder - namely our Thin Wallet.

This wallet has a unique strap that holds bills tight, and fits a lot of credit cards as well. Check it out here.