Nested below the hillsides of San Miniato in Tuscany lies a cluster of tanneries, that are using traditional tanning methods to create some of the world’s finest vegetable tanned leather.

Our visit goes to one of the oldest tanneries in Tuscany, a family owned tannery which opened in 1955. They deliver leather to very well known Italian luxury brands, and has since Axess Wallets' conception been our supplier of vegetable tanned leather for all our wallets. 

A picture of yours truly checking out new colors together with the owner of the tannery to the far left. This particular visit led to our new Cognac colored wallet collections.

During our visit we got to see the full process of turning a raw hide into the beautiful finished leather - there were many steps involved, and the best part is that no chemicals are ever used which is the case in so many other tanning methods which are far more prevalent. Using traditional methods,with only natural tannins derived from trees, the process of creating a single skin takes up to a full month, but the result is a fully organic leather that lasts much longer than the quicker chemically tanning processes used by so many other brands.


The development of vegetable tanned leather is a painstaking method of using only natural tannins. It makes for a long lasting fully organic leather.

We had a great visit to our supplier in Tuscany - the area which is close to the scenic San Miniato region is absolutely stunning, and that heritage and place is a big part of our brand.