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About Axess Wallets

Artisan quality minimalist wallets without the markup

We can't control everything

I've always had a need for control and found it difficult to relax whenever I felt like I was trapped in situations where I had litte or no control. Part of that was always wearing my wallet in my front pocket.

I wanted to know where I kept my belongings, and I also found sitting on my wallet uncomfortable. I also don't want a large wallet bulking out of my front pocket, I wanted something neat, elegant and slim. It should last as well, and not be made of cheap chemically laced leather from Asia. So, I created Axess Wallets, which embodies my need for order and elegance. Read more about the Italian tannery our leather comes from

My personal favorite is our Passport holder which makes me so much more comfortable during travelling. It keeps cash, cards, the passport, boarding tickets for both me and my wife, and I feel in control and more at ease. Everything is there, I can see it, feel it, and tackle any challenge during a hectic trip with ease. Airports and train stations becomes fun. Whatever happens, I know I am set.

Resistance is futile

I have later come to lessen my need for control, using a simple mantra "accept reality as it is", and it has led me to feel less stress. But I still want to keep my valuables safe in a neat reliable wallet that I don't have to sit on, and which doesn't ruin my pant sillhouette when worn in my front pocket. So while I use my mantra for my emotional state, I use my Axess Wallet for everything else.

A message to our customers

We read every review we get and are grateful for the appreciation you have for Axess Wallets. I believe that if you create something you are proud of selling, good reviews and feedback will come as a result, and we are very happy to see that our efforts in creating this brand are noticed by our customers.

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