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About Axess Wallets

A persistent dream

I've been working on this dream of mine - to create my own wallet brand, since 2015 when I launched a successful Kickstarter. To accomplish it I've gone to leather fairs all over the world, and found wonderful tanneries in Tuscany that supply organic natural vegetable tanned leather to my manufacturer. I've been working with the same manufacturer since then and as a testiment to his work we can give a three year warranty on all our products.

No shortcuts

I wanted to create something special - artisan made wallets and the Tuscany leather reflects that - there is a lot of care and attention that goes in to the organic tanning process to make the leather in these wallets. Like making fine Whiskey, the tanning is meticulous and takes up to 30 days using only traditonal methods and natural tannins! This is in stark contrast to most brands which use chemical tanning, often outsourced to China. I never took any shortcuts and the high quality products of my brand reflects that.

A message to our customers

We read every review we get and are grateful for the appreciation you have for Axess Wallets. I believe that if you create something you are proud of selling, good reviews and feedback will come as a result, and we are very happy to see that our efforts in creating this brand are noticed by our customers.

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