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Leather Front Pocket Wallets

Creating stylish leather front pocket wallets was the reason why Axess Wallets launched, ten years ago. Axess Wallets leather front pocket wallets do not make regular front pocket wallets - our front pocket wallets are made of artisan level quality. They contain special RFID-blocking pockets and are made in high level organic leather imported from Tuscany, Italy, where heritage and tradition and special tanning practices create some of the best leather in the world.

The promise behind our Leather Front Pocket Wallets

Seasoned craftsmen make the wallets by hand using strong core-spun stitching, creating a carefully crafted wallet that lasts long and holds up well to wear and tear. The leather used in our wallets is bought in Tuscany, in a special leather district that only uses natural tannins to process the leather, creating an organic leather that smells well and has an earthy touch and creates a beautiful patina. Lastly, all leather front pocket wallets are minimalist, ergonomic and highly functional considering... Read More

Leather Minimalist Wallet

A Leather Minimalist wallet that holds as much as a regular billfold Neatly arrange your cards and bills in slots on the front or back of the leather minimalist wallet....

Front pocket id wallet

A Front Pocket ID Wallet that neatly holds your essential cards and bills Holds 8 cards in a 3.1 x 4.3 inch frame including a transparent ID-pocket on the back....

Thin wallet

Seamless access to your essentials with our very thin wallet Our very thin wallet holds cards & bills in intuitive card slots for quick and easy access as well as...

Long slim wallet

Manage your cards, id and bills in our Long Slim Wallet Make an impression with our long slim wallet designed for sleek carry of your essentials cards, id and bills....
    Saffiano black

Rfid passport wallet

Airports become fun with the Rfid passport wallet Tackle any challenge during a hectic trip with ease by keeping cash, cards, your passport, boarding tickets, train tickets and receipts, all in...

Slim Card Wallet

Slim Card Wallet Our slim card wallet is our "European style" minimalist wallet. This type of model is one of the most popular styles for holding your credit cards and essentialis...

Slim wallet for cards

A Slim Wallet for cards and cash that holds as much as a regular billfold This slim wallet for cards and cash can neatly arrange your cards and bills in slots on...

ID card holder wallet

An ID card holder wallet that neatly holds your essential cards and bills The ID card holder wallet in our croc style vegetable tanned leather is perfect if you want...

Card holder wallet

Card Holder Wallet The card holder wallet is a neat croc patterned wallet suitable for simply holding your essential every day cards, as well as having a larger main inner pocket...

AIR-Tag Wallet

Never loose your wallet again in our compact Air-Tag Wallet. The Air-Tag slides in and fits a special pocket, which is our unique design without using a bulky button which...

Leather Key wallet

Our Leather Key Wallet safely lets you carry keys, cash and your 6 most essential cards in a stylish package designed for minimalism & utility. Safely secures your keys in...

Cute small wallet

Features of the Cute small wallet A Cute small wallet designed to keep your coins in check; the coin wallet holds your coins and cash in a rounded shape that...

Our Design Philosophy

All our wallets are designed to fit your front pocket without creating any bulk. So all wallets are front pocket wallets.

Leather Front Pocket Wallet that develop a stylish patina

The Tuscany leather in our leather front pocket wallets develops a rich patina over time. We carefully source the leather from traditional tanneries in Tuscany, Italy.

The vegetable tanned leather in our leather front pocket wallets holds up well, smells great and lasts long. We want you to be able to have a leather front pocket wallet that has no chemicals in it.

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3 reasons to use a leather front pocket wallet

The ergonomic reasons alone are why you should use a front pocket wallet, sitting on a bulky wallet creates an uneven posture that can cause sciatica, a back condition that causes nerve damage in the long run.

Another reason is that we carry less and less - the trend goes towards carrying sometimes only our phone, and as wads of bills become more and more obsolete - the trend goes towards carrying a leather front pocket wallet.

The final reason is that we have designed our leather front pocket wallets to hold as much as a regular wallet at half its size - so we simply don't need a traditional bulky wallet.

Not convinced? Here are thirteen reasons to carry a front pocket wallet.

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Our leather front pocket wallet features

Protect & Keep an eye on your valuables

Our sleek leather front pocket wallets are designed to be kept comfortably in your inner or front pockets for increased protection and control over your valuable belongings.

Additionally, all leather front pocket wallets are fitted with RFID-blocking pockets to give an extra layer of protection.

RFID-blocking leather front pocket wallets

Each wallet has a RFID-blocking pocket which protects your sensitive cards from outside intrusion.

Manage your daily carry

Declutter and organize your essentials with minimalist wallets designed to help you carry smarter and simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in fact they are! One pocket of each of the the leather front pocket wallet is RFID-blocking so that you can safely put your sensitive cards in the large inner pocket and not worry about anybody accessing your information.

We work with a diligent fulfilment partner in the US that sends the wallets using USPS as soon as they can manage it, they typically pack and ship the wallet within 2-3 days after purchase.

Natural, earthy Vachetta leather from Tuscany,
expertly crafted in minimalist designs, with RFID protection.

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