front pocket wallet

Defiantly great

With its focus on using full grain Tuscany vegetable tanned leather, in hand made sleek designs, Axess isn't just a wallet, it's a statement. Axess front wallets started as a passion project in 2012 and remains so to this day.

Axess exists solely because of our love to create things, and there are few materials more gratifying to work with than vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany. It's two, even three times more expensive than most other leather, but it's rich, it has almost alchemical properties, it will Transform in front of your eyes as you use it, and it looks spectacular. It's simply great and for as long as Axess exists, we will use it.


Axess got funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign which received a great response from over 1200 backers who also appreciated the look of the Tuscany leather, and I was able to purchase three colors of vegetable tanned leather and three colors of matching Saffiano leather, using up almost all of the Kickstarter funds.

The video for our second Kickstarter, which shows of the beautiful Tuscany leather that is at the heart of why Axess is a special front pocket wallet.

Our goal is to keep on adding colors and models every year until we have achieved the full vision of Axess Front Wallets, a vision that fuels us every day to provide great service and to keep developing our brand. 

If you enjoy genuine leather goods in that develops unique patinas over time, and you are looking for a minimalist replacement for your bulky billfold, you will appreciate the elegant minimalist leather goods from Axess Front Wallets.

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/Tomas and Vivian

Founders, Axess Front Wallets