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Maurizio’s tannery

Vegetable tanned leather from one of Tuscany’s oldest tanneries

In the heart of the vegetable tanning district of Tuscany, Italy, lies a small family run tannery opened in 1955 making it one of the oldes tanneries in the district.

While many of the larger surrounding tanneries have been purchased by larger conglomorates, Maurizio has kept his in the family, keeping it small and constantly refining the vegetable tanned leather which he keeps making in small batches.

Making a single skin takes 6 weeks

The process to produce the Tuscany vegetable tanned leather is painstaking and long and has been used for thousands of years to create beautiful leather out of animal hides. Most importantly, it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals in the tanning process.

Maurizio’s tannery runs in wooden drums with a vegetable tannin composition consisting of organic materials present in Quebracho and Mimosa trees imported from Argentina. It is then colored, and treated with neutral waxes and oils to further highlight the full grain of the leather. The full process, to make a single skin, takes 6 weeks and is largely done by hand. Needless to say, the result is spectacular.

The exact tannin composition is a well-kept family secret.

Maurizio’s exact tannin composition is still a well kept family secret. His leather is desired by some of the biggest fashion brands in Italy, keeping the tannery alive and well for the ages.

This is also the secret to our elegant minimalist wallets which are made in this painstakingly produced vegetable tanned leather. This also ensures that the leather in our wallets are organic and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.

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