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The Core Purpose of Axess Front Wallets is to make superior handcrafted Front Pocket Wallets of exceptional quality at a fair price for the refined urban professional. Here is the story behind the brand and the mission behind Axess.

The mission: To create the definite stylish front pocket wallet

I felt inspired to create Axess Front Pocket Wallets when I met a group of tanners from Tuscany in Italy during a leather/material fair I visited in 2014, and laid eyes on their spectacular leather. It was almost twice as expensive as any other vegetable tanned leather from other exhibitors, and their Minimum order quantity was very high, so the obstacles immediately piled up, but I could not get the beautiful leather out of my mind, and felt inspired to create something from it.

The marketplace for us who likes front pocket wallets is not very exciting with most wallets using cheap leather that doesn’t develop a patina, or wallets with curved shapes, wallets with magnetic flaps and "slim" billfolds that claim to be front pocket wallets. Hence, I wanted to make a stylish front pocket wallet option for us who likes quality and craftsmanship.

" elegant solution, designed to leave a lasting impression"

Axess was created to bring a front pocket wallet of superior quality to the urban professional with refined taste who is looking for a stylish minimalist wallet.

Moreover, if I personally will buy anything, I want the best, and so in creating something that I knew I would spend many years working on, I couldn't bear making something that wasn't of superior quality.

"at Axess we are able to provide to you, genuine Tuscany leather, handmade in sleek designs, to a fair price".

I also have taken many steps to avoid marking up the prices more than what is absolutely necessary to be able to run a business with all that entails in terms of production/imports-exports/upkeep and marketing costs. Hence at Axess we are able to provide to you, genuine Tuscany leather, handmade in sleek designs, to a fair price.


Axess is devoted to making stylish front pocket wallets of exceptional quality at a fair price for the refined urban professional. Here featuring model 03 "Smooth" Compact Wallet.


I launched a Kickstarter, which received a great response from over 1200 backers who also appreciated the look of the Tuscany leather, and I was able to purchase three colors of vegetable tanned leather and three colors of matching Saffiano leather, using up almost all of the Kickstarter funds.

The video for my second Kickstarter, which shows of the beautiful Tuscany leather that is at the heart of why Axess is a special front pocket wallet.

I still have a catalogue from the Italian tannery with more colors that haunts my imagination; my goal is to keep on adding colors and models every year until I have achieved the full vision of Axess Front Wallets. I believe I am bringing something quite spectacular into existence; that vision fuels me every day.

Vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable tanned leather is sensitive to external surroundings and will darken. The wallet you buy might be darker than on the product photos depending on what part of the skin was used making your particular wallet, the skin, just like other natural materials, carry natural variations in its tone.

The wallet you have will come into its own once you’ve worn it in. That’s when the full beauty of vegetable tanned leather truly reveals itself with a premium patina that grows richer with use.

If you enjoy genuine leather goods in that develops unique patinas over time, and you are looking for a minimalist replacement for your bulky billfold, you will appreciate the elegant minimalist leather goods from Axess Front Wallets.

Head over to the product page and check it out

 Tomas Ericsson,

Founder, Axess Front Wallets

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